Label Shield - Wine Label Protector

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Label Shield is an innovative label protector. A long-term solution for collectors and professionals who wish to protect the aesthetic aspect of their collections and investment. 

Unlike glass bottles, wine labels are often made from degradable materials such as paper and are exposed to elements such as moisture, insects and most often than not, human touch. Label Shield is specially designed to protect and preserve the labels during handling and transportation, reducing the risk of tear, scratches and pigmentation. 

Made using high quality vinyl films, able to withstand temperature variation from 5ºC to 65ºC. Label Shield is transparent, non-adhesive, moisture-proof, odorless and re-useable. It's easy to use, re-position at will, without leaving a trace.

Safeguard yours now! Suitable for wines, craft beers, hard liquors and many more.

Dimension: 14 cm x 14 cm

Each box comes with 25 pieces of Label Shield.