Label Skin - Burgundy

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Label Skin ®  is the first powerful and practical protection for wine labels. It is intended for amateurs, collectors and professionals concerned to protect in the long term the aesthetic aspect of their bottles of wine as well as their investment.

Designed in France and manufactured in Germany, Label Skin ® is an innovative high-performance vinyl film, specially dedicated to the protection of wine labels during the transport, handling and storage of bottles. It is effective against all external agents responsible for the degradation of wine labels, including moisture, shocks, insects and animals.

Label Skin ® is deliberately thick to protect and preserve labels over time. Transparent, very flexible and without adhesive, it is easy to use, re-position at will and leaves no trace on the bottle once removed. Thus, Label Skin ® protects the labels of your wine bottles and allows you to keep them safe always.


Dimension : 11 CM x 16 CM (suitable for Burgundy & similar shape wine bottles)

Each box comes with 30 pieces of Label Skin.